Friday, November 13, 2009

Enough is enough!

Am I the only person that finds Mondrian inspired prints hideous and asinine? Clearly no one else is annoyed with this trend because every year someone decides it's a great idea to release a limited-edition something-or-other covered in black lines and name it "The Mondrian". Lee Homes did not think they were too late on the band-wagon when they developed their $1,000,000 luxury condos in Marina Del Rey. Let us disregard any commentary these products may have on neoplasticism and abstraction (which I'm sure was the primary concern over at Lee Homes) and really look at this architectural atrocity for what it is: plain tacky.

The only excusable product of this trend is the YSL shift dress - which apparently is the result of some very clever craftsmanship. But to everyone else, I think we can give it a rest.

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