Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I heard your cries...Jasmine...and I am here to make an excuse

Some of you might have noticed that I was on a prolific blogging spree (7 entries in April. An all time high!) but abruptly stopped without offering an explanation. So here it is:

I am moving to Boston! I signed the lease for an apartment, bought my plane ticket, and notified loved ones. This shit is going down!

My decision is not as spontaneous as it seems since I have more or less spent my entire college career planning my escape. If you're from the West you would know that most native Californians romanticize the East Coast and associate it with black wool coats, hot cocoa, and gentrified cities. So when I visited Boston in October I fell in love with the idea of riding the subway in the snowy winter while drinking an overpriced beverage. I know how naive this may all sound to those who have to deal with 6 months of snow per year and I hear your protest But despite your complaints I am still looking forward to being one of the privileged city-dwellers that bitches about the MBTA.

Unfortunately, for my blog, this means I will have to take some time off from writing in order to pack. Yes, I'm going to get so much packing done I won't even be able to compile 6 random links a week for my Weekly Roundup. However, when I do finally settle in, I will probably be bored, unemployed, and near a college campus with free Wi-Fi. So get ready for a wave of entries in August.