Friday, November 13, 2009

Back to Basics

I think I'm going to start drawing again. A lot of people have recently asked me why I stopped drawing and I always come up with a myriad of excuses that don't exactly answer their question. I talk about the lack studio space, time, money, equipment...but it all really just boils down to laziness. I don't want to be one of those people that tacks on "I used to..." when I talk about my passion. Unfortunately, I've been heading down that direction. I decided to pull up some stuff I did in high school, the last time worked on my technical skills, and I see a lot of room for improvement. I'm going to make it a goal to work on that this year.

2"x 3" design exercise in Gouache. I hate gouache. One can only truly appreciate Illustrator after working with gouache and a 000 brush.

Shading exercise. Embarrassing perspective error on the left.

Pen and Ink Illustration from Junior year of High School.

Drawing of Winston Churchill photograph by Yousuf Karsh in Prismacolor.

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