Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogging from Boston

I made it to Boston a little over two weeks ago and it has been neither difficult nor life changing. I do have a lot more free time now and I try to fill it up with lots of sleep because the humidity makes it impossible to do much exploring.

I am currently typing from a cafe for the very first time (one of the many firsts I'm sure I will be experiencing in weeks to come). I'm not sure how people work in public settings without being self conscious, but the air conditioning is nice.

So rather than the obligatory "look at me fine dine around beantown" photos, for my first entry I will link you to people who are much more familiar with Boston than me. The following list is a skewed guide that was compiled by me during my research phase. If you're looking to visit or relocate to this area you should definitely check out some links. Disclaimer: this is not a very comprehensive list due to the fact that I care very little about food and sports.

Yelp Talk Forums
City Data
B0st0n LiveJournal

Design (a small sampling)
AIGA Boston
Font Bureau
Arnold Worldwide
Korn Design

Fashion (seriously lacking in boston)
Beyond Boston Chic

New Brahmin

While searching for info on Boston nightlife I came across all these "dating" blogs. I started to read them on a regular basis despite the fact that they are written by a lot of wannabe Carrie Bradshaws. I'm shameless, I know! Contents range from tawdry to desperate.
Getting Single
Sex and the Ivy
Sexless in the City
Not a Player rather a Predator

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